Dane Goodman

DG_portraitSanta Barbara, CA

“There is little difference between artists and others. Except, artists continue to make marks while others stop. And those marks become particular, peculiar to these people – marks so unique and crucial they become blood and air – organic and necessary. They are a record of engagement, of being attentive and not always about making a finished artwork. Yet, often they become one.”

Dane Goodman was born in Chicago and grew up in Lincoln, Illinois. He earned his BA from Western Illinois University and his MA from California State University, Sacramento.

In the late 70’s, he moved to New York City, in support of his wife, artist Marie Schoeff, who was there pursuing her MFA. During that time, he exhibited his sculptures and drawings throughout New York’s art circuit. In the early 80’s, he and his wife opted to return to California, ultimately settling in Santa Barbara.

Goodman works in a wide range of mediums; from large installations of sculpture, to drawings, prints and soap carvings. His three dimensional works are often sculpted out of wood and finished with rich patinated stains of color that invites a caressing and manual investigation. These sculptures are grounded by an inscrutable connection to familiar forms, shapes, and feelings, index the physical and the spiritual, the celestial and the mundane, the real and the imagined.

Many of the shapes and symbols that contour his sculptures also appear in his works on paper. Goodman’s collections of work on paper effectively encompass the artist’s concerns for physical presence, evidence of process, and discursive ambiguity, albeit collapsed into a two-dimensional format. In his drawings and prints, his superior treatment of texture and composition lures one’s focus to the rich surface of the paper. Attention to the two-dimensional elements is countered by illusionistic explorations of depth and space that lend the works a decidedly physical presence.

In relating his work to artists of other genres, Goodman explained: The way Wendell Berry writes and Garrison Keillor presents his show Prairie Home Companion. “I like the way they relate to the real world….The things that rivet me are human relationships and the objects within the human relationships that we share.”

Dane Goodman has received numerous awards including, an Individual Artist Fellowship from the County of Santa Barbara and Artist in Residence at the Center for the Visual Arts, Illinois State University. Most recently he was nominated for the Los Angeles based Friends of Contemporary Art’s 2006 FOCA Fellowship, which was based on an artist’s current contribution to contemporary art in California. He has lectured and exhibited throughout the United States, including the Hunter College in New York City and the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles. Recently, he has been included in group exhibitions at the Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara and The Drawing Center, New York, NY. In addition, his work was selected by Guest Juror, James Elaine, Curator of UCLA Hammer and was shown at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum.