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Our clients are art enthusiasts who value art for its aesthetic enjoyment and its investment potential.  Our clients love living with art and appreciate opportunities to be inspired by new ideas and different perspectives.


Estrada Fine Art serves the discerning, smart connoisseur who is seeking access to the original artwork of exceptional, established mid-career artists.  In addition, we also serve those professionals who recommend and purchase on behalf of their clients; e.g. architects, art consultants and interior designers.


By providing exclusive access to art, Estrada Fine Art caters to discriminating art collectors who understand how harmony, composition and color can enhance their lives and surroundings.


EFA believes that owning your perfect artwork is the quickest way to add beauty to your surroundings. Through your collection, you express your sophistication, taste and sensibility.


After having lived and worked in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, Geneen Estrada has acquired a comprehensive understanding, knowledge, and visual acumen of contemporary art.  An artist herself with a profound network in the art community, Geneen advises and guides her clients with intuition and vision.


Estrada Fine Art will hone your knowledge and investment confidence as well as adding to your keen understanding of contemporary art and artists.


EFA offers:

  • Innovative art consultancy which includes representing select, contemporary artists whose work will enrich your existing collection

  • A personal trusted advisor who will guide you comfortably through the process of owning art

  • Assistance in finding the right art and building an art collection that is gratifying and intellectually stimulating


Services include advice with regard to:

1. Art selection

2. Installation

3. Lighting for optimal display


Clients especially like working with Estrada Fine Art when they know what they like, and are comfortable making decisions.


You’ll take pleasure in the process if you:

  • Appreciate the value of fine art

  • Need help with the selection process

  • Want to determine where to place your new artwork in your home or office.

  • Want the convenience of being introduced to and discovering a new group of exciting artists without having to spend hours researching on your own


Our approach

  • We are flexible and industrious in finding the right art for the perfect setting.

  • We value integrity above the sale.

  • Quick response is guaranteed.

Read What Others Have to Say:


We purchased a wonderful David Peterson photograph of Yosemite and have hung it prominently in our den with special track lighting that lights it so that it looks like sunlight.  We look at it every day, and it’s a pleasure to have this beautiful view of nature in our home.  It is always a pleasure to work with Estrada Fine Art.  Geneen is one of those positive people who are a pleasure to know.  The purchase experience was perfect, and the piece arrived promptly and was exactly as expected.  Geneen brings such a high level of knowledge and honesty to the transaction that it removes the worry of purchasing art.  The recent exhibition was wonderful --wonderful selection of artists and art.  Very eclectic and refreshing.  If only we could purchase more.  Sometime soon we will!  As an art dealer, I recommend Geneen very highly.

-David Oderberg, Los Angeles, CA


“I have purchased two pieces of fine art from Estrada Fine Art, one last summer, and the first piece almost three years ago.  The joy and peace I feel when ‘indulging’ in these pieces seems to increase over time.  They also add richness and texture to the room, increasing the comfort level, whether I am alone, after a stressful day at work, or entertaining family and friends.  My experience with Geneen to discover and purchase a piece that was right for me was enjoyable, insightful and stress free.  The experience of ‘taking in’ all of the pieces was as pleasurable as making the actual purchase.  Geneen’s passion for being able to communicate the rewards one can receive by collecting fine art is equaled by her high level of professionalism.  I highly recommend Estrada Fine Art as your guide to research, discover, and purchase fine art pieces.”

-Jim B., San Diego, CA 


Now that you have a better idea of the vision and services of Estrada Fine Art, click here to view the work that invites contemplation, inspiration, and a visual treat.

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