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On a recent trip to New York to visit the artists I represent and see the Matisse exhibition, I was fortunate to be able to see “A Slice of Time 1988-2014,” an exhibit of the work of Charles Luce. The exhibition was curated by Elena Sisto and is at Techonomy Media, which is located at 20 West 22nd Street. The show will be open through the month of November. If you would like to visit, please call 646.591.6511 or 917.536.1971 as viewing is by appointment only.

With an analogical use of metaphors, Luce reveals unique relationships between symbols and images; establishing a language of his own. The three artworks above are from his Stone Silhouette Series. The pieces are 47”x 38” and the medium is Gouache on chiri (Japanese paper). There are many more fascinating artworks to be seen at Techonomy.


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