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Los Angeles

“Painting is a solitary endeavor but the finished work acquires its definition only when it connects to life the moment it faces the viewer. Communication is the vital concern of my work. The subjective statement can be reflected through the reality of imagination – abstractly or figuratively.”


Geneen Estrada is an expressionist painter who seeks clarity, truths in visualizing and understanding the impossible. Her explorations of the abstract and intense color, combined with forms and shapes, capture the particulars of time and place.

“Pigment and abstract shape are carriers or vehicles for feelings and thoughts, conjuring up both emotional and intellectual responses.”

By including fragments of the represented subject matter into the abstract painting, Estrada yields visual shifts — a two-fold image swaying in and out of reality. The work expresses the conflicts between the medium of expression and individual insights and impetus.

Long inspired by artists such as Philip Guston, Willem DeKooning, Paul Cezanne and Pierre Matisse, Estrada’s body of works are comprised of pure abstract, abstract with integrated figures, geometric shapes and pure figures on high-chroma ground. Her most recent work is a return to expressionistic abstraction.

Estrada studied Studio Art, as well as Art History, at the University of Santa Clara and California State University, Sacramento, where she obtained her BA in painting. Shortly thereafter, she moved to the Bay Area and held her first one-person exhibition at the Dana Reich Gallery.

In 1979, Estrada was compelled to relocate to the art capital of the world, New York City. She soon made a name for herself among her contemporaries, and in the 1980s, the mecca of emerging artists, Estrada’s works were included in selected exhibitions at 55 Mercer Gallery, Painting Space 122 and the Westbeth Gallery.

In 1997, after her eighteen-year undertaking in New York City, she relocated to Southern California to concentrate on her art career.

Estrada also has furthered her aim of helping more people access fine art by founding Estrada Fine Art, representing established mid-career artists.

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